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As an agent you use your local area expertise and real estate knowledge to support and assist home buyers & renters on their journey to find a home of their dreams.



As a Franchise Owner, you invest in setting up a new real estate office, recruit a team of competent property experts and help home buyers & renters find their right homes.


The CB Blog

Coldwell Banker Rebranded – Project North Star

Coldwell Banker Malta have followed in the direction set by their American head offices, as local branches underwent the current company global real estate rebranded vision known as ‘Project North Star’. The rebranding projects aims to empower agents of the brand, generating an exciting new identity based on the company’s unique approach to real estate. […]

Simple Water-Saving Bathroom Upgrades

Read about the three simple bathroom upgrades that have a positive impact on your wallet and the world. Between the toilet, shower, and sink, your bathroom accounts for nearly 60% of your home’s water usage. With water scarcity estimated to affect 2/3 for the global population by 2025, water costs are bound increase. Make a […]

How to Prolong the Life of Your Plants During Summer

After a cold and somewhat rainy first half of the year, many people thought summer and sunshine would never come. Well, it is certainly here now! While it may be easy for us to beat the heat by staying indoors with air conditioning, visiting the beach, or even taking a dip in our backyard pools— […]